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Volume 9 (2012)

Current Issue

Letter from the Editor


Medical Pluralism and the Quest for Therapy: The Dilemma of HIV and AIDS Patients in Zimbabwe’s Rural Gandanzara Area
by Godfrey Museka

A Review on Antigravity, Levitation, Resonance, and Devices Inspired by the Ouroboros Serpent
by Christopher G. Provatidis, Ph.D.

Science’s Mysteries – "This Far and No Further"
by Dave Stein

Deriving Maxwell's Equations From An Inspiring Walk In The Hills
by Robert Watson and Thomas L. Selby, Ph.D.

Rebuilding the Bridge Between Science and Mysticism
by Paul J. Werbos, Ph.D.

Volume 8 (2011)

Letter from the Editor

A Look at This Year's Cover: Hidden in Plain Sight


Discovering the "Effective Text": A Method of Esoteric Text Transmission
by Jeffrey S. Durham, Ph.D.

Magic and the Binary Code: Renaissance Christian Kabbalah and Buckminster Fuller’s Tensegrity Structures
by Kathryn LaFevers Evans, M.A.

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How Rosicrucian Friends Concealed and Revealed Shakespeare’s Secrets with Symbols, Clues, and Ciphers

by Helen Heightsman Gordon, M.A., Ed.D.

Materia Prima: The Nature of the First Matter in the Esoteric and Scientific Traditions
by Dennis William Hauck, Ph.D.

"Divine Angels" and Vadzimu in Shona Religion, Zimbabwe

by Takawira Kazembe, Ph.D.

Gnostic Imagery from the Beginning of our Era to Today
by Katherine Schaefers, M.A.

Esoteric Elements in Russian Cosmism

by George M. Young, Ph.D.

Mons Philosophorum
Berg der Philosophen

by Zoran Perowanowitsch, FRC

English translation from review process


The Sacred Dance and the Numinous
by Luiz Berni, Ph.D., FRC

Cover Image: Hidden in Plain Sight
© 2010 Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

Volume 8


Volume 7 (2010)

Letter from the Editor


The Transdisciplinarity Connection: An Introduction to an Epistemological Approach to Improve the Dialogue between Science and Tradition
by Luiz Eduardo V. Berni, PhD

The Magnetic Characteristics of Intuition
by Shelley Higgins, MA

Shona Traditional Gatherings

by Takawira Kazembe, MPhil


Pure Colors and Form in My Journey
by Dana Puchnarová, MFA

Cover Image: Frontispiece to an Eighteenth century German work, The Compass of the Wise. Color version copyright © 2009 Adam McLean.


Volume 6 (2009)

Letter from the Editor

A Look at This Year's Cover: Rosicrucian Secret Symbols


Magnetic Energy of the Brain
by Michael Bukay, MS and George F. Buletza, PhD, with modern commentary


Changing the Exchange
by Diane Dean-Epps, MA

La synchronicité : Une cartographie de la coïncidence

by  Pierre Grégoire, MA

The Relationship between God and People in Shona Traditional Religion
by  Takawira Kazembe

Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis: Die Weisheit und Aufgabe der Rosenkreuzer
by Zoran Perowanowitsch

English translation from review process

Chromoacoustics: The Science of Sound and Color
by John S. Sultzbaugh, PhD

Rose+Croix Journal Volume 6 (2009)

Volume 5 (2008)

Letter from the Editor


Consciousness, Mind, And Intelligence: Some Research And Notes 
by Antonietta Francini, MD  

Trans-Temporal Collaboration: How a Thirteenth-Century Cabalistic Exercise by Abraham Abulafia Inspired a Contemporary Piece of Meditative Music
by Johann Friedrich Wolfgang Hasler, PhD

Score of HaShem
by J.F.W. Hasler, PhD

Audio file of HaShem
by J.F.W. Hasler, PhD

Some Cultural Aspects of Traditional Medicine, Traditional Religion, and Gender in Zimbabwe
by Takawira Kazembe

Martinès  de  Pasqually  et  la  Gnose  Valentinienne
 by Alain Marbeuf, DSc

Tristan und Isolde:  der Mythos des Christlichen Abendlands  
by Françoise Saint-Onge, Docteur en études germanique

English translation from review process

Version française par l’auteur

Essene Ethnicity
by Katherine Schaefers, MA


Volume 4 (2007)

Letter from the Editor

A Look at This Year's Cover: Rosicrucian Secret Symbols


Shakespeare’s Rosicrucian Revelations in the Dedication to the Sonnets
by Helen Heightsman Gordon, EdD

Insights on the Evolution of Religions and Interreligious Dialogue: Past, Present, and Future
by Linda Groff, PhD

The Effect of Magnetically Shielding a Dowser
by Shelley Higgins, MA

Traditional Medicine in Zimbabwe
by Takawira Kazembe

Les deux mariages en Alchimie
by Emmanuel Le Bouter
(English version from the Review Process)

Voices of Fire - Spiritual Entities and Personality
by David K. Stolowitz, BA

Towards a Unified Theory of Forces
by Pieter C. Wagener, PhD

Causality, 4-Geons and Dark Energy: A Radical View Of Space-Time
by R.E.S. Watson, BA (Oxon), MSc


On the Relationship of the Physiology of the Brain to Spirituality
by Stuart J. Malkin, PhD

Health, Happiness and Disease
by  G. Bryan Young, MD and Ingrid A. Hutchinson-Young, MA

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Current Issue Cover

Volume 3 (2006)

Editorial Page


Tierschutz & Mystik aus der Perspektive Einer Rosenkreuzerin by Dr. Françoise Saint-Onge, Docteur en études germanique
(Version française par l’auteur)

Brief Report - Ethnomedicine: The Sweat Lodge Healing Experience: An Integrative Medical Perspective by Steven KH Aung, MD

Harmony as a Strategy for Beneficial Change
by Richard A. Schultz, PhD

Full Circle: West meets East by Susan Driehaus, BA

The Sistine Chapel: A Study in Celestial Cartography
by William John Meegan (5.2 MB)

Five and Fifty: A Proposed Solution to "The Virgin" Name Riddle in the Rosicrucian Document, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz
by Theodore Trenn Williams

Book Reviews


Volume 3 cover

Volume 2 (2005)

Editorial Page

Entanglement, Causality and the Cohesion of Spacetime by Michael A. Amaral, MD

Exploring the Efficacy of Vowel Intonations
by Melanie Braun, M. Mus.

Rosicrucian Landmarks Preserved in Greek Isopsephia (Gematria) by Doss McDavid, PhD

Réflexions sur l'atome, la gravitation et l'énergie by Michel Myara, DEA d'astrométrie et mécanique céleste

Practices Supporting Dzogchen – The Great Perfection of Tibetan Buddhism by Neal J. Pollock, MA, ND

Newton and the International Year of Physics
by Pieter C. Wagener, PhD

Proposing a New Approach to Mind, Consciousness and Reason by Robert E. Watson, BA (Oxon), MSc

Meditation from Neurological and Rosicrucian Perspectives by G. Bryan Young, MD



Premiere Issue (2004)

Editorial Page

On the Feasibility of Time Travel and Its Implications - by Michael A. Amaral, MD, FACS

The First Generation of Manichaeans and Other Comunities in the Egyptian Deserts: Methodology, the Available Evidence, and Conclusions - by Steven Armstrong, PhD (cand)

Science et Connaissance - by Michel Bénot, Dr. Eng.

Mind-Body-Spirituality and Health Interactions - by Lonnie C. Edwards, MD

Book Reviews