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Volume 12 2018

Letter from the Editor

A Look at This Year's Cover: Robert Fludd’s Rose and Cross

Volume 12 2018


The Gnostic Coptic Apocalypse of Paul: A Powerful Gnostic Witness
by Steven A. Armstrong

A Green Fairy in a Monastery Garden?
by Peter R. Bindon, Jean-Paul Raynal

The Voynich Manuscript: A New Perspective on a 600-Year-Old Mystery
by Chris Kunferman

P.D. Ouspensky and Esotericism in the New Testament
by Douglas J. Meyer

The Widespread Implications of a Nano-Bio Communication System
by Seppo Vainio

Defining the Psychic Body
by G. Bryan Young, Ingrid A. Hutchinson-Young, Hugh McCague, and Peter C. Blanco 


Shakespeare’s Veiled Advocacy of Religious Tolerance in Twelfth Night
by Maureen Richmond 

Cover Image: Photo of the mural of Robert Fludd's Rose and Cross at the Rosicrucian Cultural Center in New York City. Photo by AMORC. All Rights Reserved.

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“While the notions of a chair or atom are convenient concepts, they properly refer to recurring forms or patterns arising in the context of physical measurements and theories, and do not in themselves imply or require the existence of a corresponding objective substance.”
- Thomas J. McFarlane, The Non-dual Root of Science and Religion