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Welcome to Volume 15 of the Rose+Croix Journal!

We are pleased to present the latest papers accepted for publication in the Rose+Croix Journal, an international, transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on topics that relate to the sciences, the arts, history, mysticism, and spirituality, especially transdisciplinary topics that traverse and lie beyond the limits of various fields of study. Since its founding in 2004, the Journal has provided readers and researchers with materials that enlighten, educate, challenge, and inspire.

Over the years, many individuals worldwide have contributed to the success of this journal, including our authors, peer reviewers, editors, translators, proofreaders, and most importantly, every reader of the Rose+Croix Journal. Thank you all so much for your participation!

This issue features the following papers:

“A Imaginação Ativa de Carl Gustav Jung e a Criação Mental de H. S. Lewis: Um Breve Estudo Comparativo [Carl Gustav Jung's Active Imagination and H. S. Lewis's Mental Creation: A Brief Comparative Study]” Luiz Eduardo V. Berni, PhD

“Alchemical Symbols on Stećak Tombstones and their Meaning” by Amer Dardağan, MA

“Shakespeare in Tune with the Symphony of Nature in a Single Note – Birth of the ‘Fair Youth’ of the Sonnets” by Christopher Eriksson, PhD

“Synthesising Concepts Underlying Increase in Flow, Self-development, and Reflection with Application to the Creative Process” by Daniel Harris, MRes

“Rose of the Occult, Cross of the Revealed: Esoteric Evidence in the Work of Claude Debussy” by Raul Passos, MMus

And in the Currents Section:

 “Solving the Mystery of Vlad Dracula’s Diadem” by Douglas Meyer

Since the publication of our last volume, many of you have experienced the challenges that the year 2020 and the first months of 2021 have brought. We are hopeful that the papers in this current volume will inspire you to contemplate new subjects and to appreciate their mystical aspects. 

Three of our papers feature international authors who examine aspects of the mystical life – from the interpretation of alchemical symbols on Stećak tombstones in Bosnia by Professor Amer Dardağan to the influence of esotericism on the music of Claude Debussy by the AMORC Grand Administrator for Romania, Raul Passos; further, from Brazil, in Luiz Berni’s paper, you will find an intriguing comparison of the work of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology and Harvey Spencer Lewis’s art of mental creation through a multifaceted approach called Transdisciplinary Active Mediation. We also present a paper that examines evidence of Cosmic Consciousness in the genesis of Shakespeare’s “fair youth” of the Sonnets by British researcher and Canadian life-counsellor Christopher Eriksson. Moreover, you will enjoy the technical analysis of Daniel Harris’s study of how we mentally experience “flow” during the creative process. Finally, we are also pleased to include one article of note in the Currents Section: a paper that describes the diadem of Vlad Ţepeş, known by most simply as Dracula. This paper goes well beyond the often-caricatured figure and examines the mystical implications of certain symbols as evidenced in the Ambras Castle portrait.

All of these papers successfully explore various subject areas as well as transdisciplinary topics and expand our understanding of the natural laws around us. The abstracts for each of the papers are published in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Also included on the Journal’s website are tools for dissertation searches, research links, archival documents of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, and information on how to submit a paper. The submission deadline for the Rose+Croix Journal is May 15 for the following year’s annual issue; however, authors are encouraged to submit their papers for the peer-review process as soon as they are ready. Both Rosicrucian members and non-members are invited to submit papers for consideration. 

If you would like to join our team of volunteers working on the Rose+Croix Journal, please let us know. All areas and levels of expertise are welcome.

Again, thank you for reading the Rose+Croix Journal – enjoy!



Claudio Mazzucco
Executive Editor

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“The alchemists sought to actually work with the transcendental powers during meditation to bring the transformative powers from the divine mind directly into their practical work in the lab and their personal work in the inner laboratory of their souls.”
- Dennis William Hauck, in “Searching for the Cosmic Quintessenc